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One of the biggest pain points I see for many small business owners is their lack of confidence in making wise financial decisions for themselves. And I get it! How can you make smart decisions for your business if you aren't 100% sure where your finances stand?

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If you're like most of my clients, you've probably asked yourself some of these exact questions:

Can I hire someone to take over part of my client load?”

“Can I afford this monthly software?”

"I'd love to hand off work to a virtual assistant or social media manager, but can I really do that right now?”

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If you can relate, it's time to partner up with a friendly QuickBooks Pro and finally feel in control of your business finances!

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Meet Kayla Prusinski, your friendly QuickBooks® Pro for small businesses in the Twin Cities metro

Hey there!

My name is Kayla Prusinski and I live in the lovely state of Minnesota. I am obsessed with my affectionate dog Lucy and my fluffy cat Dusty. I love adventure and anything that involves the outdoors, spending time with family and helping you conquer your finances.

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Here's how it all began.

I was first introduced to accounting during high school. It just made sense to me. So it also made sense when I decided to get my undergraduate degree in Accounting. I interned at a tax firm during college, and was hired on full-time after graduation.

I quickly gained valuable accounting experience. I discovered I loved to work with clients and show them how to accomplish tasks using QuickBooks accounting software. I especially enjoyed researching creative ways to accomplish tasks in QuickBooks that didn’t have a simple answer.

Fast-forward six years.

While looking for a new adventure that went beyond the four walls of a cubicle, I learned about The World Race. Before I knew it, I said goodbye to the first full-time job I’d known since college and headed on a whirlwind trip to 11 countries throughout Central and South America for the next 11 months. I served in soup kitchens, taught families about home budgeting, shared about self-esteem to high school students, taught English and so much more. After that, I led a separate 3-month trip in Cambodia.

These experiences were more than I could ever hope to put into words. Challenged and stretched in crazy ways, I experienced incredible personal growth. Along the way, I learned something from a friend. He always responded to adventure by saying, “Yeah, why not?” His words continue to encourage and push me today!

Returning and beginning again.

After returning to Minnesota, I took the leap to create my own QuickBooks consulting business. Since “Bird” was an affectionate nickname given to me while growing up, I knew I wanted it to be a part of my business name. I also wanted something short, simple, intelligent and stylish, so Savvy Bird was a natural fit. The name feels a bit “chic” to me!

Since then, I’ve continued to build my client base and gain more certifications and skills so I can be an encouraging and knowledgeable resource. I highly value one-on-one sessions that focus on my clients’ specific needs, and that’s why they refer me to their networks.

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Fun facts!

I am Advanced QuickBooks Online Certified

I am a Newlywed

I love being outdoors -- more-so in the summer, but even in the winter!

I love ice cream

I generally use emojis but when I don’t...I do my smiley faces “backwards” (;

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So, why should you work with me?

Because as a small business owner, you deserve to have someone on your side who's passionate about equipping you with the financial tools you need to help your business soar. It’s time to understand where your money is coming from and where it’s going. So get ready to fly the coop…the world is waiting!

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An inside peek into my client base

QuickBooks® training for small businesses no matter your industry, from health and wellness to retail to creatives to non-profits, professional services and contractors.


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